Tattoo Styles That Fit Your Unique Aesthetic – Unique Designs For Your Body

If you have spent any time trying to find just the right tattoo style to fit your sense of aesthetic as well as your body type, you know what a chore it is.  Deciding on the most unique tattoo designs is never easy, but the following may offer you a better sense of the art styles available and what might suit you.

I remember the day when you had to look long and hard to find anybody with a tattoo.  If you are old enough, you know that it was always associated with the seamier side of life.  Or, often it was depicted as something that a sailor picked up in some far away port while on shore leave.  But now, how the times have changed.  Body art in general, and tattoos specifically, have become a very popular means of self-expression.  People of even though most conservative stripe are being seen with tattoos.  Many in places that require clothing that is a bit more revealing than you might expect.  Women tattoos are being worn low on the back.  Men are showing off their recently acquired tribal tattoo designs.  It has become a commonly accepted practice.  You no longer need to be, or are considered to be, a rebel any longer just because you have a tattoo. Now, what is the best tattoo style for your body type?  Or is there one?  We share a short, by no means comprehensive list, of several broad tattoo design types for you to ponder.  You’ll need to decide which might work best in your situation.

Tribal Tattoos – It seems that there has been a real surge in the number of people that want to wear tribal art tattoo styles.  This appears to be taking the place of what might be considered as the more traditional western art styles, but tribal art tattoos have been around for centuries, as the name tribal indicates.  Traditionally, tribal tattoos have been black, with some greens, and were simple in design.  This is understandable as the early tribes didn’t have access to the inks and technology available now. Now, they are a bit more complex in nature. Tribal tattoo styles are now commonly in a variety of colors, not just black.

Floral and Heart Tattoos – Because tats are a way of expressing individuality, everyone is looking to find the most new unique tattoo designs.  But, floral and heart tattoos never seem to go truly out of style, because they are classic and express so much so easily. And, when placed in some of the more intimate regions of the body, are undoubtedly among the sexiest tattoo styles. New School Tattoos – Earlier I mentioned the old sailor tattoos that most people associated with tattoos. You know, anchors and the like. These are experiencing a resurgence of a sort, but like so many other “old school” flashes, they are being updated in design and color.


Japanese Kanji Tattoos – Japanese tattoo styles, especially Kanji, are notable because of the their vibrant colors and ornate designs.  And, they are extremely popular with those that are looking for wrist to shoulder art. The following probably goes without saying, and if you are “seasoned” you will say,”Well, of course.” But, there are many newbs out there and this advice is for them.  Now that you have made the decision to get a tattoo, or more, take your time.  Consider your decision very carefully.  This is not something that you want to regret, as removal is not a something that you want to experience.  Investigate, talk to people, visit tattoo sites, and forums.  Take this seriously.  And, while at the forums try to get referrals to a reputable parlor.  You are now well on your way to finding the most unique tattoo designs specifically to suit your style.

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