How Do Plastic Bags Impact The Environment

Plastic Bags play a major role in negatively impacting the climate. It contributes to the disruption of the ecological system and puts the survival of people at risk. The use of plastics reduces the oil supply and also contributes towards the build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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Let’s know more about the harmful effect of plastic bags on the environment.

Leads to death of animals

The number of plastic bags accumulating in the water sources is increasing at an alarming rate. The huge deposit of plastics in the oceans is the greater cause behind the disruption of the ecological system of the planet.

Plastic is a toxic, and poisonous material that when goes inside the body can take our life. There are around 100,000 marine animals that die every year from ingesting these bags.

Impacts the food supply

Plastic is also disrupting our food supply. The primary reason behind it is the toxins called dioxin. It is an endocrine disruptor that is also called as a gender-bender pollutant.

High levels of man-made pollutants in remote regions such as the arctic have been impacting polar bears and other types of arctic mammals. This is, in turn, making difficult for them to adapt to alteration in habitat and new climate.

Why should you opt to recycle bags?

A plastic bag once thrown, blocks the landfill somewhere. Disposal of these bags poses a threat to nature and mankind. The various toxins like dioxin contained in it contaminate landfill, ocean, and waterway.

Looking at the harmful consequences of throwing plastic bags into the ocean, it makes it essential that everyone stops to use these bags.  The best way to do it is to use reusable grocery bags. It will contribute a lot in stopping the destruction of the eco-systems.

Ways to motivate people to use reusable bags

  • Offer them as a gift

People are fond of receiving freebies. So, if you want that people use reusable bags, you can offer them reusable bags in the form of a gift. There can be numerous events where you can hand out reusable bags to your attendees. Only when they use it, they will come to experience its benefits.

  • Allure customers with offers

As a grocery store owner, you can come up with some attractive offers of free groceries to only those customers who bring their own reusable bags. You can keep a lucky draw for those customers who use reusable bags, and reward the lucky ones with enticing gifts.

  • Sell reusable bags

Reusable bags are affordable. Due to their long-lasting nature and durability, they come out to be cheaper than traditional bags. Selling your bags with your logo featured on them is a great way to publicize your business too.


Now that we have known the harm that plastic bags create on the environment, we must educate people to replace their disposable bags with reusable ones. These are some ways that businesses can implement to motivate customers to bring their reusable bags for shopping.

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