The market has become tighter and tighter as the years pass by. Several buildings like apartments and condos have stolen the spotlight, and now people invest more in them and less in houses. The tight market, of course, should not stop you from strategizing and trying any possible means to at least keep up with the new methods of enticing target buyers.   

If you are planning on selling your house, here is a secret you can use: upkeep your bathroom.   

According to experts and real estate agents, bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. This means that buyers take into account kitchens and bathrooms before purchasing the houses they fancy. If any of the two needs repair, remodeling, or an upgrade, customers are more likely to shy away from the deal. Try these instead:  

Have new bathroom hardware and other accessories  

This includes towel bars, sink fixtures, cabinet pulls, and other hardware that you think are not that necessary. The truth is they make a huge aesthetic difference when you upgrade them. You can also pay more attention to your bathtub and do some upgrades. You can replace it anew or try tub reglazing to fix surface flaws. The latter is less expensive.  

Paint or replace your vanity  

The vanity is commonly the centerpiece in bathrooms so it is assumed that it creates an impression on the buyers. Do not overlook this feature when you are prepping your house for selling.   

If the budget allows, purchase a new vanity with clean lines and luxe sophistication. If you cannot afford a new one, you can opt to repaint the cabinets with a pale gray or high-gloss white. Moreover, high-quality stones like granite and quartz are preferred in vanity countertops, so you might as well try them.   

Additionally, some experts say that a new medicine cabinet about the vanity also increases impression points. You can try installing one!  

Try double sinks  

The double sinks feature is something that buyers really appreciate especially married couples. And the good news is, a huge space is not that even necessary. You just need to find the right company that can do the job.   

Upgrade the floor  

If your floor has chipped tile or scuffed-up vinyl, then now is the time to fix and upgrade! A simple tile upgrade is appreciated especially when the floor looks old. Moreover, tiling can be DIY-ed, so calling and hiring a contractor may not be necessary (although highly recommended). However, if you want the bathroom to look more luxurious, invest in a luxury vinyl tile and hire a good contractor to ensure a perfect installation.   

Invest in light fixture  

Updating the light fixture creates a difference in the bathroom appearance. Whether you install new light fixtures, upgrade old ones, and/or allow more natural light by putting on some big windows. The best part is that light fixtures are cheap and easy to install, there is no need to hire a contractor.   

There are still many things you can try. Just stick to the few items we listed here and rest assured you will increase your chances of finding a buyer and malign a deal.